DIAMAS survey results webinar series

The DIAMAS project is hosting a series of activities to engage with the results of the Institutional Publishing in the ERA: Results from the DIAMAS survey

Results of the DIAMAS project’s Diamond OA and Institutional Publishing landscape survey have just been published. The survey aimed to collect information that would enable better understanding of Institutional Publishing in order to build capacity across Europe based on evidence and good practice for a more equitable publishing ecosystem.

DIAMAS is offering a series of online webinars to engage a range of communities and inform them about the results of this research or use them as a launching pad to talk about the future. The sessions are offered in a range of languages and will focus on the many findings, and some will hone in on themes such as equity, diversity and inclusion and Diamond publishing, multilingualism and funding Diamond OA. See the schedule below:

  • 28/02/24, 15-16.30 CET – Webinar on Multilingualism [English] – register here.  
  • 13/03/24, 10-11.30 CET – Webinar: Europe’s Institutional Publishing Landscape: DIAMAS Project Results [English] – register here.
  • 13/03/24, 10-13.00 CET – Online focus group on “Co-designing Diamond OA recommendations and guidelines for institutional leaders” [English] – apply to express interest here.
  • 18/03/24, 13-14.30 CET – Webinar: Diamond OA in Europe – practices, funding, challenges [Diamentowy model OA w Europie – praktyki, finansowanie, wyzwania] [Polish] – registration link forthcoming.
  • 20 or 21/03/24 –  Webinar on EDI [English] – registration link forthcoming.
  • 21/03/24, 12.00 CET – “Open Publishing: A Nordic Perspective” – register here.
  • 01/03/24, 12.00 CET – Regional webinar for editors and publishers of scholarly open access journals: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia [Regionalni vebinar za urednike i izdavače naučnih časopisa u otvorenom pristupu / Regionalni webinar za urednike i izdavače znanstvenih časopisa u otvorenom pristupu] [Croatian and Serbian] – register here.
  • 02/04/24, 14-15.30 CEST – The dynamics of funding Diamond Open Access: Opportunities and Challenges. Learnings from the DIAMAS Project and other studies [English] – register here.
  • 05/04/24 – Dissemination event [Spanish] – registration link forthcoming.
  • 11/04/24 – Dissemination event [Italian] – registration link forthcoming.
  • 12/04/24, 13.45-16.15 GMT – Workshop: The Road Towards Diamond Open Access [English] – apply to express interest here.