Work Package 4

Building capacity through knowledge-sharing


February 2023 – August 2025

Partners involved

AMU, CNRS, cOAlition S, DOAJ, EUA, FECYT, FFZG, IBL PAN, IGSG, Jisc, LIBER Europe, OPERAS (lead), Science Europe, SPARC Europe, TSV, UGOE, UiT, UniZD and UU

Work package description

The objective of WP4 is to support Institutional Publishers and their Service Providers (IPSPs) in building capacity and aligning with current quality standards. WP4 will design a Common Access Point that will host and link to a range of resources (guidelines, training materials) and develop components facilitating knowledge exchange and networking (IPSP forum, IPSP registry). The Common Access Point will serve as a blueprint for a future Capacity Centre, whose proposed architecture and functionalities will be described in the final report.


IPSP guidelines

Deadline: October 2024

The guidelines will further analyse the EQSIP recommendations and will provide practical instructions as to how IPSPs can meet quality and operational standards.

Report on the innovative process of engagement, consultation, and co-creation with the relevant communities of practice, including multilingualism and gender perspective

Deadline: September 2024

The report will present available toolkits, guidelines, and training materials to help IPSPs increase the availability of multilingual content and address language and gender biases in their operations.

IPSP toolsuite

Deadline: October 2024

The IPSP toolsuite will cover a range of topics (ownership and governance, sustainability, technical efficiency, editorial quality, and multilingualism) with an aim to support IPSPs in implementing the relevant EQSIP recommendations. The toolsuite will be linked to the self-assessment tools and serve as a portal for toolkits elsewhere.

Training report including training materials

Deadline: March 2025

The report will propose training modules organised in self-learning courses for journal editors and IPSP managers. The training modules will be supplemented by reusable training materials aligned with the topics addressed in the toolsuite and the guidelines.

IPSPs registry

Deadline: June 2025

A publicly available registry of IPSPs who have authorised DIAMAS to share their information. The IPSP Registry will store and publish up-to-date profile data in a structured and searchable manner.

Design of the future OA Publishing Capacity Centre

Deadline: June 2025

The report will document the design and technical development of the Common Access Point. It will also identify a strategy for the further integration of the CAP subcomponents, thus laying the conceptual foundations of a future Capacity Centre.


Interim Report on IPSP global network platform

Deadline: August 2024

This milestone ensures that the draft report on the design of the future Capacity Centre will be ready in due time.

EDI strategy for multilingualism and gender equity ready

Deadline: December 2024

The proposed strategy on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging will become available for internal review.

Design of the OA Publishing Capacity Centre completed

Deadline: June 2025

This milestone ensures that the draft report on the design of the future Capacity Centre will be ready in due time.