Work Package 5

Exploring and supporting the sustainability of institutional publishing


September 2022 – February 2025

Partners involved

AMU, CNRS, cOAlition S, EIFL, FFZG, IBL PAN, Jisc, OASPA, OPERAS, SPARC Europe (lead), and TSV

Work package description

This work package seeks to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the costs, funding and business models of institutional publishers and service providers. We are also keen to uncover the strengths and weaknesses in these aspects for institutions and prospective funders, donors and sponsors.
  • Optimise costs by exploring the opportunities for collaboration and convergence among institutional publishers and service providers to sustain operations, innovate, and develop shared resources.
  • Empower institutional publishers and service providers to financially sustain operations by providing intelligence, new models and building capacity on financial models.
  • Raise awareness of institutional publishers and service providers funding needs and options to a range of FSDs.


D5.1 IPSP Sustainability Research Report

Deadline: March 2024

This report provides a landscape overview of the costs (including in-kind contributions), income streams, challenges and opportunities in funding institutional publishing. It also identifies areas of potential collaboration. This will also help raise awareness of some of the needs of institutional publishers and their service providers. Read the report on Zenodo:

D5.2 National overviews on sustaining institutional publishing in Europe

Deadline: May 2024

These reports provide the essential context of OA, policy, publishing practices, and funding in 10 European countries, that help understand why certain local choices are made and challenges arise.

D5.3 A suite of resources to support the growth of IPSP sustainability

Deadline: February 2025

This collection of resources supports institutional publishers and service providers in assessing to what extent they are financially sustainable, and provides them with tools and intelligence to help them become more so in the future.


Sustainability self-assessment workflow ready

Deadline: February 2024

This workflow will help institutional publishers and service providers assess as to how far they are financially sustainable.