Work Package 7

Dissemination, Exploitation, Engagement and Impact


September 2022-August 2025

Partners involved


Work package description

The objectives of WP7 are to create the branding identity of the project; provide the strategies for the dissemination, exploitation, engagement and outreach of the project’s outputs and maximising impact; promote and support dissemination, exploitation, and all engagement, capacity building and outreach activities of the project; promote outcomes of the project to the IPSP community; and deploy activities to strengthen impact on associated countries and beyond.
The WP targets a wide range of stakeholders: RPOs, libraries, open access university presses, learned/scholarly societies, RFOs, pertinent initiatives and projects across disciplines at European, associated countries and international levels.


D7.1 Website, communications kit and social media presence

Deadline: November 2022

The first deliverable from WP7 acts as a starting point for the DIAMAS project’s public-facing presence. Within D7.1, the project’s branding is outlined (logo, colours, font, etc.) and the extent of its online presence is detailed, in terms of the project website and the use of social media platforms. In addition, the template presentation for DIAMAS is also detailed in this deliverable.

D7.2 Dissemination, Outreach, Engagement, and Exploitation Plan

Deadline: February 2023

Deliverable 7.2 was contributed to by all tasks from WP7 and represents the first major outline of how the project will be communicated to an external audience using a host of communication channels and events. As part of this, the project’s audience is broken down into stakeholder groups to be targeted throughout the project, with accompanying messaging around how to appeal to particular stakeholders. The document also contains information on how the project expects to reach its expected impact and the sustainability of findings after the project.

The Exploitation Plan is available on Zenodo: 10.5281/zenodo.7890937.

D7.2 Final report on Dissemination, Outreach, Engagement and Exploitation

Deadline: August 2025

D7.3 Final Report on IPSP global network platform

Deadline: August 2025


Website, communications kit and social media presence – Iteration 1

Deadline: February 2024

Website, communications kit and social media presence – Iteration 2

Deadline: February 2025

Stakeholder database creation and management

Deadline: December 2022

Interim Report on IPSP global network platform

Deadline: August 2024