Project Activities and Results

Project Results

Activity Output Link Supporting Material
D1.1 Data and Research data Management Plan (DMP/RDMP) Read on Zenodo
D1.2 Quality and Risk Management Plan Read on Zenodo
D1.3 Towards an enhanced and aligned institutional publishing landscape in the ERA Read on Zenodo
D2.1 IPSP Scoping Report Read on Zenodo
D3.1 Quality Evaluation Criteria, Best Practices, and Assessment Systems for Institutional Publishing Service Providers (IPSPs) Read on Zenodo Best Practices checklist for Diamond OA publishers
D3.5 Extensible Quality Standard in Institutional Publishing (EQSIP) Read on Zenodo EQSIP poster
D7.1 Website, Communications Kit, and Social Media Presence Read on Zenodo
D7.2 Dissemination, Outreach, Engagement, and Exploitation Plan Read on Zenodo