Reflections from the Global Summit on Diamond OA

Prominent Diamond OA stakeholders gathered in Toluca, Mexico, from 23-27th October for the Second Global Summit on Dianomd Open Access. The event brought together multiple voices from around the world to share ideas and build a common vision as momentum continues to build around Diamond publishing. Read the event conclusions here.

DIAMAS was represented as numerous members of our project team participated in the event, discussing our efforts in presentations, and a poster session. Project Coordinator, Johan Rooryck, cOAlitionS, attended the event and has this to say on reflection:

“The Diamond Open Access summit marks a huge step in the direction of globally equitable Open Access. We are ready to support all efforts to make the global federation of Diamond open access a reality. The DIAMAS project will contribute to the global federation of Diamond Open Access by providing the building blocks of a European Diamond Hub that can take its place alongside other regional Diamond hubs like Redalyc-AmeliCA in Latin America.”

DIAMAS strives to support Diamond journals in a wider drive towards equitable Open Access. The Global Summit on Diamond OA was a vital way in which our project can align with global efforts to support Diamond, contributing to global equity within academic publishing.