We are hosting a series of SURVEY-A-THONS to support our OA Diamond and Institutional Publishing landscape survey. The DIAMAS project’s Diamond OA and Institutional Publishing landscape survey has just been launched. It aims to collect information to better understand Institutional Publishing to build capacity across Europe based on evidence and good practice for a more […]

OA Diamond & Institutional Publishing Landscape Survey

The OA Diamond and Institutional Publishing Landscape Survey has just launched. View the questionnaire in full here. With the survey, we hope to map how Institutional Publishing is currently organised in order to understand existing challenges and develop resources, tools,  policies, and strategies which support the Institutional Publishers and associated stakeholders. The survey will remain […]

What are IPSPs & why are they important for DIAMAS?

Explained: What are Institutional Publishing Service Providers (IPSP) and why are they important for DIAMAS? The DIAMAS project will map and understand institutional publishing in Europe to raise academic publishing standards, improving quality and sustainability for this sector. But what do we mean by institutional publishing? How does it differ from other publishing models? What […]

DIAMAS Workshop: LIBER Winter Event

On Friday 2nd December, the DIAMAS project hosted an interactive workshop in Amsterdam, as part of LIBER’s Winter Event. Our project partners, Bianca Kramer and Jeroen Bosman, of Utrecht University, hosted the 2-hour session. The workshop set out to introduce DIAMAS and collect feedback from the librarians present about institutional publishing within their universities. In […]

DIAMAS Receives Grant to Develop Diamond Open Access Publishing in Europe

For immediate release Aix-Marseille Université, cOAlition S, and Science Europe are pleased to announce that they are participating in a Horizon Europe project called ‘Developing Institutional Open Access Publishing Models to Advance Scholarly Communication’ (DIAMAS). The 3-year project, launched on the 1st of September 2022, receives funding in the context of the Horizon Europe call […]