Request for Proposals: Technical Design and Development of the DIAMAS Common Access Point

Founded in 1971 and based in The Hague, LIBER is Europe’s largest research library network. Currently, LIBER is involved in the EU Horizon Europe-funded project, “Developing Institutional Open Access Publishing Models to Advance Scholarly Communication–DIAMAS”: For the needs of the project, LIBER will procure the Common Access Point (CAP) for Diamond Open Access (OA) […]

DIAMAS survey results webinar series

The DIAMAS project is hosting a series of activities to engage with the results of the Institutional Publishing in the ERA: Results from the DIAMAS survey.  Results of the DIAMAS project’s Diamond OA and Institutional Publishing landscape survey have just been published. The survey aimed to collect information that would enable better understanding of Institutional […]

More than a Buzzword: Sustainability in the Institutional Publishing Ecosystem

From dresses made of recycled bottles to skyscrapers collecting rainwater: the question of sustainability has entered our everyday. Exploring and supporting the sustainability of institutional publishing is among the DIAMAS project activities. Here, we give an overview of our current discussions on sustainability: the multifaceted buzzword and its meaning and implications for our project. What […]

The Extensible Quality Standard for Institutional Publishing (EQSIP)

Clara Armengou1, Tabea Klaus2, Iryna Kuchma3, Iva Melinščak Zlodi4, Jadranka Stojanovski5, Milica Ševkušić3, Andrej Vrčon6 1 DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), United Kingdom 2 Goettingen State and University Library, Germany 3 EIFL, Lithuania 4 University of Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Croatia 5 University of Zadar, Croatia 6 LIBER, The Netherlands POSTER […]

Early impressions from the DIAMAS survey

Map of Europe showing a visual representation of the survey results from the 43 countries in the European Research Area

Earlier in the year we blogged about Lessons learned from the DIAMAS survey-a-thons. In this blog we are pleased to share some initial results from the survey. Crossing the finishing line Before we discuss the early findings of the survey, a little background on how we reached the final numbers. We used a variety of […]