National overviews on sustaining institutional publishing in Europe

The richness of Diamond Open Access (OA) publishing is characterised by its diversity: from the wide-ranging disciplines it serves in multiple languages to the types of organisations and networks involved in developing, running or maintaining it. Institutional publishing is sustained in diverse ways across the European Research Area. Understanding the state of Diamond Open Access […]

Introducing DOAS: The Benchmark for Diamond Open Access Quality

The Diamond OA Standard (DOAS) is a new tool brought to you by the DIAMAS project to promote quality in Diamond open access (OA) publishing. Serving as both a technical guide and a practical benchmarking resource, DOAS combines comprehensive guidelines with a self-assessment tool to elevate standards in scholarly publishing. We have published a factsheet […]

What does DIAMAS offer to libraries?

Academic libraries play important roles in the Diamond Open Access ecosystem. Libraries provide infrastructure and services, as well as training and expert support to institutional publishers, but they can also be publishers in their own right. DIAMAS seeks to support them in these roles.   Knowledge and guidance Evidence-based research on the landscape of Diamond […]

DIAMAS Conversation series for libraries: Advancing diamond OA in Europe

Libraries are vital pillars of the Diamond Open Access (OA) ecosystem, providing infrastructure, services, and expert support to institutional publishers. Many libraries are also publishers in their own right. To engage libraries in advancing Diamond OA in Europe, the DIAMAS project is launching a Conversation Series for libraries. The first discussion will be held on […]

The DIAMAS Common Access Point

A suite of tools and resources to support Diamond OA Publishing   Irakleitos Souyioultzoglou1, Sona Arasteh2,1 1 OPERAS AISBL 2 Max Weber Stiftung POSTER Opening collaboration for community-driven scholarly communication (OPERAS2024) Conference, Zadar, Croatia, 24-26 April 2024 Cite as: Souyioultzoglou, I., & Arasteh, S. (2024). The DIAMAS Common Access Point: a Suite of Tools and Resources […]

Request for Proposals: Technical Design and Development of the DIAMAS Common Access Point

Founded in 1971 and based in The Hague, LIBER is Europe’s largest research library network. Currently, LIBER is involved in the EU Horizon Europe-funded project, “Developing Institutional Open Access Publishing Models to Advance Scholarly Communication–DIAMAS”: For the needs of the project, LIBER will procure the Common Access Point (CAP) for Diamond Open Access (OA) […]

DIAMAS survey results webinar series

The DIAMAS project is hosting a series of activities to engage with the results of the Institutional Publishing in the ERA: Results from the DIAMAS survey.  Results of the DIAMAS project’s Diamond OA and Institutional Publishing landscape survey have just been published. The survey aimed to collect information that would enable better understanding of Institutional […]

More than a Buzzword: Sustainability in the Institutional Publishing Ecosystem

From dresses made of recycled bottles to skyscrapers collecting rainwater: the question of sustainability has entered our everyday. Exploring and supporting the sustainability of institutional publishing is among the DIAMAS project activities. Here, we give an overview of our current discussions on sustainability: the multifaceted buzzword and its meaning and implications for our project. What […]